September 20, 2012

The Military Wife...

[back dated May 22nd 2006]Well the team from my hometown plays tomorrow. Woot woot!
Goooooooooooooo Bulldogs!
I love watching b-ball. It is my second favorite sport to watch, football being my first. So let's play some ball and clinch this spot Bulldogs. Woohoo.
I will blog tomorrow night and let you know if they are proceeding or not. Check your brackets boys, check your brackets!
Okay nothing heavy tonight, no entries about the war in Iraq or what Bush is doing wrong. Just something for the military spouses.
I found this poem while blog hopping awhile back, I think it is an awesome.
So to all the military spouses out there, this poem is for you

WinkThe Military Wife
The backbone of the home you see
that's what the Military Wife is to me.
Guarding the fort while her husband's away
Defending and protecting his country each day.
Though many forget the importance of her role in his life
Please Sir, don't forget the Military Wife!
The women whom primarily raises her chilren alone
The one who strives to make the"house", a home.
The one who sacrifices the time she could share,
The one who had MANY responsibilities to bear.
The women who is married to a protector of the world,
The one whose life stays pretty unfurled.
I say again, kind Sir, please don't forget the role she
plays in his life.
Yes, dear Sir, the Military Wife!
The women who stands by her husband's side,
The one who takes life stride by stride.
The women who wonders when he's far away,
The one who prays for his safety
and sends tender love his way.
Next time you look into a soldier's eyes,
Think of the one who stands by his side.
The one left behind, the encouragement in his life.......
The women who is called The Military Wife!
Hope you enjoy this poem as much as me. I think it is so fitting for most of us spouses. Hugs to you all.

Enjoy your day/night
Aloha ~
********Goooooooo Bulldogs********


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