September 20, 2012

Aloha Happy Thanksgiving!

[back dated Nov 26th 2005 big gap in entries to due PCS move from Germany to Hawaii]We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a lot to be thankful for this year. My soldier did not deploy with his old unit. We have daddy here a good two+ more years. Hopefully by then we are out of Iraq and I do not have to have this extra stress of worrying if my husband goes back downrange or doesn't. I am hoping and praying that he does not. The stress alone is enough to deal with. For now I am just extremely thankful he is here with me. My heart could not take another year, not yet. I am and was not ready to do that. Right now I can't even think about not having my soldier here. I have a lot of friends with soldiers deployed.  My heart was full on Thanksgiving. My thoughts were also with all my friends all day. As I know most celebrated it without half their hearts. 

We are blessed to have my husband's mama living here with us. She flew in from Mississippi. The kids are loving it. So far so good. She is fun to sit and chat with. She loves drinking coffee in the morning and having a bagel. I said NOWAY! Me too! LOL. I have a coffee drinking buddy and bagel buddy. I have my coffee and she had hers. I make my coffee much stronger then she does. So I put another coffee pot out on the counter. She makes her pot in the morning, then I make mine. Seperate pots of course. LOL. It is cute. I love hearing all the childhood stories she has about my baby. She also brought a ton of pictures we have been sifting through. So it was nice having her with us this year for our family feast. I sure hope mama case is here with us next year too! 

Our day was good. Good food, good company. We ate around 3:00 and then played a board game with the kids. Mama, hubby and I watched a Thanksgiving movie after the kids went to bed. And of course we all slept good. Our bellies were full.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. 

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