September 20, 2012

Strong In The Broken PLaces

[back dated July  28th 2005]Strong at the Broken Places An original documentary tells the stories of those who fight and those who wait back home. Strong at the Broken Places focuses on the human cost of the war in Iraq as expressed in the words and faces of the soldiers themselves and their families. Max Cleland, a decorated, triple amputee from Vietnam who has made the cause of veterans his mission, brings each story to life. The result is both poignant and powerful. As with Cleland's own journey from Vietnam to Iraq, the stories of the soldiers and their families show that suffering in war can transform its victims into advocates for justice and healing - and even for the hijacked truth about 9/11. In its first test screenings, Strong at the Broken Places is not only awakening the consciousness of individual Americans, but starting to galvanize a national debate about, what Cleland calls, the "ground truth" of war itself. Max Cleland is the former director of the Veterans Administration and United States Senator from Georgia. He served as Captain in the First Cavalry in Vietnam. "The world breaks every one and afterward many are strong at the broken places." Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms

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This show is powerful and moving. It brought me to tears. If you get a chance to buy it or watch it I highly recommend you do both. It is a must see for military wives and families. And people who want to see what our soldiers really go through fighting in this war in Iraq. 
Hugs and Prayers 

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