September 17, 2012

Feeling what it going to be like......

[back dated June 2nd 2005]When we leave this base to go to our next duty station. Pleople are starting to take their block leaves and my best friend and her family are taking theirs now. I was like okay she will be gone for a few weeks and then home. I woke up this morning and it was really odd. I am use to seeing her online and chatting with me first thing even before my morning coffee. If not online then she calls me and then comes over. Or we go over to see her. I can see now if we get to leave this summer it will much harder then I had envisioned in my mind. I am really missing my best friend. I did not realize that I counted on her so much for friendship and laughs. Felt really lonely during the day. I see her everyday and talk to her 100 times a day. Jenn if you happen to read this while your gone- I AM MISSING YOU :(
I can not have you go to the airport with me as I will be a wreck on the airplane. So we will do a bbq with you and the family and say our goodbyes then. Let's not even go there if we wind up staying and then leave. OMG, I will not know what to do without you in Hawaii. I will have to plan our family trips to fly and see you and the kids once in awhile-boohoo wish you were coming to Hawaii with me too. I am really counting on my friend Mrs Pam coming to Hawaii. She is also one of my best friends. If they get to come then it will help. But it would be the ultimate if Mrs Jenn was coming also. Oh well I can't have everything.
I have forged in stone lifelong friendships with you and Mrs Pam and no matter where we get stationed I will be bringing a piece of you both with me. Okay I am going to stop writing about you two or I am going to start crying. Mrs Pam what you said on your blog is what I feel about us, and I am praying y'all are coming with us. Will make living in paradise that much better sitting on the beach with you sipping some fine wine and giggling the night away(wink wink) Hugs to you both, I love you!
Okay so my soldier woke up today and got about 7 hours of sleep coming off of pulling CQ. Then he took a shower and said let's go babe you are coming with me. We hit a few spots on post and grabbed dinner. It was nice. It was sorta like our date night except we bagged the movie. Thought we were going home but he took me to go get a new car.
I said WHAT? We pulled in and the lady knew him, he has been already working with her. We find out tomorrow. I am blown away. We were not going to buy anymore cars. Sell this one we have and get something a little bigger and then only have one car payment. He said NO, you come and look at the cars and pick one you like. HMMMMMMM so many choices. So tomorrow if we hear something I will blog it and post a picture of the car too. Thought that was pretty neat, hubby doing something like this. I swear I have found the perfect man. Keep your fingers crossed the apr on it is super duper LOW so that will be awesome for us!
I am off to bed now with my soldier. Tomorrow is Friday and then the weekend. We're throwing a bbq for some my hubby's soldiers so should be a fun weekend. Especially if we find out we got the car-woohoo
hugs and prayers

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