September 17, 2012

Our Saturday.......

[back dated June 4th 2005]This weekend we were going to throw a bbq for the guys at my hubby's work. However a few of them just got home and we decided to throw one after Baumholder Days which is happening next weekend. So we will bbq with the guys right before block leave. Which works for me.
Since we did not bbq we decided to take the kids to see Madagascar. It just opened here on Friday. Got the kids ready and we headed out. We stopped in at the BX and the kids each got a new game and hubby bought one also. I was looking for Star Wars Episode I and II but could not find them, however I did find them of e-bay and just purchased them. Got a good deal too 23.95 for both. Not too bad. We want to watch these two then watch 4-5-6. Haven't seen them in awhile. Off subject okay so we got games at the BX then headed over to get in line, thinking there would be a line since this is a family movie. Getting up to the line people were heading back and shaking there heads. Hubby asked what is going on and a nice couple said they canceled the movie for 3:30 due to a recital and are only showing the 1900 one. That coupled waited three hours to see it with their children and then they canceled it with no notice. Hubby was kinda upset seeing that we drove our post to Volgelweh to see this movie.
Then he said what now, what do you want to do. I said of course let's go into the furniture store. And he reluctantly went with me. He knows I will buy something we do not need for the living room. We went in though looking for some Americana rugs for the house. They did not have any. Nor did they have the Americana trunk I want. However we did find our exact same sectional there only in a blue color. Wish they had that blue color when I bought ours. Oh well we are junking this new sectional for a couch and love seat set with a chair and ottoman. Will make it easy to group the living room in this housing type dwelling we reside. Seem smaller then average apartments. So this gotty sectional takes up most of our living space in the living room. We or should I say I like the couch and love seat set from Ikea. The burnt red set. Going to take hubby to Ikea to look at the set and hopefully purchase it. We also need some white curtains for the living room.  He doesn't like to go shop with me, so that is why Mrs Pam is my shopping buddy. Right Mrs. Pam. IKEA watch out here we COME ;)
Alright well since the movie was a bust and then the furniture store did not have what I was looking for we took the kids to the Kid Zone on post there and let them play a few hours away. They really liked it, it is like a Chuck E Cheese. Got some pizza and soda's and sat down and talked to my hubby. We were mainly discussed Hawaii. He is really getting my hyped about leaving soon, but I am still not letting myself get hyped. Not until I see movers here packing my apartment and plane tickets set up. Then I will be ecstatic. He can not wait to get to Hawaii. He is totally excited.
After the kids zone we came home and played a couple hands of UNO with the kids and then the kids went off to play their new games. They went to bed around 9:30 so daddy is playing his game now then him and I are watching a movie together(love it when we watch a movie together when the kids have fallen asleep ;). I am blogging real quick. I told hubby he had about 45 mins then we will watch it, lol.
Tomorrow my soldier is pulling CQ again, so spending the day without him. Sucks because tomorrow is our family day where we do something as a family. Looks likes the kids and I will have to plan something without him. He will have Monday off so he is going to see if his orders are there. Hopefully they are and hopefully we find out about our car and go  pick it up!
Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs and Prayers

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