September 17, 2012

Our daughter Miranda

[back dated June 8th 2005]Miranda is 5th from the left. She is receiving the Super Kid Award for 7th grade(for citizenship and dependability).

Today was a Middle School Awards Assembly for the 7th and 8th graders. There were nine awards presented in all. Our eldest received two of them. However after the awards were done and the closed the program we found our daughter and she had tears in her eyes. She said I thought I would of gotten more awards. As soon as we hugged her she cried more. I felt really bad. My heart was aching for her. I thought the two awards she received were awesome. Her dad bought her a beautiful bouquet of flowers and before the awards gave them to her with a big ol hug and kiss. I think she has set her standards too high for herself. We are extremely proud of her. She has maintained a very high gpa average. Is a wonderful student. Active in sports and community. She is a pure joy to be around. I do not want her beating herself up over this. I give her little awards I make at home that just say your special your the best. I have done this since Kindergarten. She is a star in our eyes. I just hope she knows that. She has to be proud of the two she did get. That is a wonderful compliment to her. Here she is with her awards. Way to go Miranda, you make us very proud. Even without awards. Never lose site that you have a gift for special things, and those will take you places. Awards like today do not measure the success you have achieved. Your a wonderful gifted student, and you know that ;) Just keep your light shining sweetheart, it shines so brightly. Don't want this to put it out!

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