September 17, 2012

Can this be real?

[back dated June 10th 2005]Do I dare begin to get excited. Orders for Hawaii are in our hands, paper copies of them, not internet ones. Part of me is like is this really going to happen. The other part is like this is the military.
Do I start to becoming excited about leaving Germany to go to Hawaii? Mixed emotions. The orders do say
family may travel prior to the DEROS of the sponsor, which I am assuming means the kids and I can leave in July(liked we had hoped) and be there when school starts for our eldest-July 25th.
My soldier is going in on Monday to find out about the movers and his levy briefing. I guess we will go from there. Hoping that things just fall into place and in July we are boarding the plane to Hawaii together as a
family with my soldier.
But I will also take leaving without him a few weeks before, as long as I know he is coming. I really want this to happen for us. We are all tired(meaning hubby-myself and our eldest) of being in Germany. It is not what any of us had imagined nor hoped for. Going to Hawaii will be something wonderful for us. We need to be stateside again. Living overseas here in Germany is a little depressing. Being away from
family and friends in the states. The shopping, the people, the country itself. Will feel good to go into stores and restaurants and hear English being spoke
and the all the familiar and comforts of
home. But like I keep telling myself, don't get excited till I see things starting to roll. This paper order is only one of many steps we still have to do to leave this base. I will blog as things progress.
Other then that we are having our Baumholder days here at the base. A mini carnival with food and
music and rides. It is a little bit pricey for our family. We ended up spending over 75 dollars today and yesterday I spent 80+ dollars on my daughter and her best friend, and this did not include hardly any food. To top it off Thursday was 1/2 price day so imagine the prices today-geez.
rides were all $ only, some were 2 dollars a ride per child. And we have two little ones and one big one to pay for. So needless to say it is fun getting out there and seeing the kids smile and have fun but daddy and I were
bummed that it costs so much for us to do
fun things with the family. The opening day for this was Thursday and my gf and I volunteered to sell cotton candy for our frg. We grabbed some cotton candy and walked the carnival trying to sell it. We had no luck. I did not like how we were way back in the corner of the beer tent of all places and nobody could really see us. But hey
I did not pick the spot. If my gf had not come, I would have been extremely bored. I got to the carnival at 4 and left at 8:45. We went back today with daddy. Our daughter stayed back with her gf's. They can't get into any trouble, and I know my daughter's best friends mom will be making sure the girls are
home safe.
So no worries with the girls having some
fun on there own. We have good kids so we trust them ;) Right Mrs Pam!
Alright well I did not want to
watch the movie my soldier is watching at the moment so I came on here to blog and catch up on my emails. I have been neglecting them for over two days now. Got to get caught up, and see what my girls have been doing.
Oh and my gf that is on block leave in the states just phoned me-ahhhhhhhhhh. She wanted to make sure my mother had gotten a hold of me. Jenn, thanks gf ;) Always looking out for me aren't you! It was SO nice hearing your
voice and hearing you giggle. Have tons more fun, and tell bubba's Happy Birthday from BREE. See you in a week-woohoo.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We will be sitting
home all weekend, so I am going ebay shopping. LoL.
Hugs and Prayers

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