September 17, 2012

What a week........

[back dated June 17th 2005]It is has been a long week. Whoa. We have been researching Hawaii every night this week. My soldier and I are feeling pretty good about picking this at our duty station. Everything we read and asked about Hawaii seems to be paradise. The price of the things is not a deterrent either. The extra allowances you receive make up for it. That and the fact that we will be most likely living on post the first year to get familiar with the out lying community. So rent and stuff will be covered. I think my soldier and I have decided on private schools though for the children. At least for sure our eldest. She needs to really be in a structure that is going to push her to her limits. From what we have learned the Hawaiian schools are little too easy and laid back. We do not want her to just breeze through. My soldier and I think it would be best to put her into the private sector. Even if I have to work part-time to pay for it. I do not mind at all. I already know I will find a job asap if I need too. We are not sure yet how it all works. We are going to be calling some of the private schools and getting applications submitted now. So I will blog as I find out ;)
Other then doing tons of research on Hawaii not much going on really. Our eldest daughter is now done with 7th grade, she made her splash at this school and did an amazing job in her classes. But then again we did not expect anything else from her. She is a wonderful daughter and gifted student. You can say we are very proud gloating parents. Way to go girl, you made it though 7th grade now unto 8th. Keep on keeping on. Always strive for the best and keep letting your amazing sparkle shine through ;) We love you.

Yesterday we had my soldier's battalion Organizational Day. All the companies were represented. They had some competition in volleyball, flag football and tug of war. My baby was out there being quarter back and they came in FIRST PLACE-woohoo babe you sure do love your sports. We were hoping for a softball tourney but they did not have one. It was nice being out all there all day with some of the wives and kids watching our men being men playing against the other companies. Bravo was hotting and holler anytime they did things, it was cute. Bravo was pumped up and it showed. The kids and I had fun. They did some sack races, water balloon tosses jumped a lot in the bouncy house, we ate some bbq and had cake. We tried to go get their faces painted but we were too late. They wanted spider man. Oh well they had fun. And so did I. More fun then I thought I was going too. All of us got sun burnt. So today we are the burnt family-lol. But it was worth it.
You both have some beautiful little girls. You will be wonderful mommies ;) Thank you for letting me hold them so much. I soaked it all up and enjoyed it fully. I love children so much.

This weekend we have a baby shower to attend, which will be fun. At the organizational day yesterday I got to hold two brand new babies from my soldier's company. My hubby Loves kids and was like ahhhh this makes me want another one :( But we can not have anymore and I too want another one. But we can not so it was awesome just cuddling the two brand new ones yesterday. The mommies were in really good spirits too. And in very good shape, lucky ducks-hehe
My soldier is on block leave now. We are planning little day trips while he is on leave. Sunday we are marking off Trier as one spot to hit. This week I hope to get in Starrbrucken and also Kussel Castle. Maybe even also Lego Land for the kids. We will see. I can't bum rush him with a lot of trips in a week or he won't go. we got to get in some site seeing before we leave this country. Wish me luck, it is like pulling teeth to get my soldier to take trips here. He hates the autobahn and hates being lost.

Our eldest is heading to Spain with family friends and their daughter. So she will be in lovely Spain for 10 glorious days. She is really getting to see a lot of Europe and I am so glad too.

I  hope you all enjoy your weekend. The weather is turning out to be wonderful. So we will be out enjoying it.
I know I know too many pictures but man SMILE-lol we are having fun here aren't we?

Here is  BRAVO COMP flag football tourney, my baby quarterback #20-Go DAWG

Tug of war Bravo vs Carlie Comp, Bravo came in 2nd place GO BRAVO GO BRAVO

HHD and Charlie Comp squaring off for the CHAMPIONSHIP....Push ups determined who won

it was CHARLIE COMP that took it home!

Formation and awards, organizational day has come to an end!

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