September 17, 2012

Don't ever get lost....

[back dated June 22nd 2005I offered to drive one of my best friend's and her hubby to the airport here in Germany. Now mind you I have been to the airport like 10 times now so I did expect what happened to happen. I arrived bright and early and loaded up my gf and her hubby. We were on the road and to the airport by 8:00. Got there no problems. However leaving the airport I took a wrong turn, which in Germany means you can end up miles and miles away from where you are going. Which is what happened to me. I thought this seems right, I took the 3 to the 5 to what I thought would be the 67 to the home. However I was heading towards Hauna and I then I was only 18 KM away from it. I found a little gas station where my husband phoned me on the handheld. I was so nervous. I had just put in the 20 Euro that my gf gave me and had a full tank of gas, just in case I got lost trying to find my way back. My husband calmed me down said just go back to the airport and start over. He said stay to the right when the road y's and you will be where you started. I did what he said, I drove myself back towards the airport. I did not go the way I came. I got lost trying to turn around and head the other way towards the airport.
The autobahn's here are like a maze. Once you get lost you just keep going. They do not have little detours to just whip around and go the other way. You drive and drive and drive forever till you can turn around. I was starting to cry. I was alone and without hubby. Lost trying to make my way back to the airport. Somehow I ended up back on the 5 to the 3 to the airport. I went through the airport and back towards home. I did find my way back to 67(thank GOD). Hubby called the handheld to make sure I was going the right way. If not he was going to have me pull over somewhere load up our little ones and have one of his friend drive him to me. I love my hubby. He is always thinking of me and making sure I am safe. I love you babe. I was so nervous coming back from the airport, and just having you on the other end of the celly was wonderful. What should of taken me only a couple of hours winded up being an all day event. I got home around 2:45. I woke up and left by 5:30AM and when I got home I was so drained.
My gf and her hubby got off okay. I am still awaiting a phone call or email that they made it. I hope so. We can not call the cellies in the states, they do not work. Our German handheld's only work here not in the states. So it would do me no good to call her. I am sure she is okay. I pick them up on the 3rd, and I had better not get lost coming home.
Okay so not too much going on here with us. My soldier is on block leave. He has been sleeping in till 10 everyday, playing his ps2 and x-box with a buddy. His buddy and his little boy come over and spend some of the day. And vise versa, we go over to their home. They just had a little baby girl. And this is one of my soldier's best friends. They have a beautiful family. Our children love his little boy. We are hoping that they get to re-enlist and come to Hawaii with us also. If so we have a lot of people there that we know and are good friends with. Keeping all my finger and toes crossed. I really want him not to deploy and be with his brand new baby girl and family. So prayers his way. My soldier is going to go with him and help him weave his way through it all. Hopefully he gets to leave too.
With this being block leave we are planning a few day trips around Germany. Not big ones. Just places that would be fun for our little ones. Our eldest is heading to Spain this weekend with her best friend and their family. She will have a BLAST!  We figure while she is away we take the kids to some a castles and Lego Land and stuff like that. Just little day trips. Should be fun. I hope-hehe
Alright well hubby got the kids in bed and settled. We are going to cuddle on the couch and watch Hostage and then finish playing a ps2 game we started.
Hugs and Prayers

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