September 17, 2012


[back dated June 30th 2005]
Wanted to share something that my 13 year old daughter wrote about me in school. Touched my heart more then she will EVER know. It still brings me to tears pasting it here. I have read it over and over. I did not know I had such a huge impact on her and her life. I am utterly speechless beyond words. And touched deep deep down inside my heart. Thanks for taking your time to read what she wrote. She truly is a beautiful soul. Smart and talented. A wonderful gift from God. He truly blessed me with her.

Hero Essay
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A Hero

If I were to pick someone for my hero I would choose my mom, Brianna. She's an inspiration to me and when I grow up I hope I'm as good as a mother and wife as she is!
My mom has compassion, which is one attribute that any hero needs to have. She has such a wonderful heart. She takes every ones feelings as her own and makes sure that everyone is happy before herself. Even though she has gone through so much throughout her life she still has a happy and bright outlook on her life and the future ahead.
Wisdom is another attribute that one hero should bestow, my mom holds that attribute. My mom may not be as smart as some people, but the knowledge she holds no one could learn in a lifetime. The way she explains situations and the talks she has with me are deep and understanding. The questions she asks and the way she can answer mine are different from another person I know.
Strength is something my mom has, and when I say strength I don't mean physical but self and mind. To have the strength to live with a husband who goes to war and having to deal with 3 other children on her own when he's gone. She also has the strength to move on with her past and just look brightly on her future, I think more people need to learn to do the same.
Trustworthiness is another attribute that a hero to me needs to have. My mom is a very trustworthy person. I would trust her with my life and I trust her with everything I tell her. I know she wont tell my dad or anyone else for that matter without my consent. I know many others trust her with things they have to share because they know she cares.
One last attribute my hero should show is courage. My mom stands up for what she believes in no matter if it's right or wrong, because she is being true to herself. She can tell people what's on her mind without second guessing if they care or not because she knows it's what she believes in. She is able to stand up to people who have brought her down throughout the years with a respectable way and to me that's pretty courageous.
My mom is a great women who I think many people should get to know. She has had and will have such and impact on my life and will forever be in my heart as my hero!

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