July 20, 2011

Reunion and Shots

It's been a waiting game all week. Waiting for that phone call, waiting to get the rest of the homecoming items, waiting to see if the cakes I had made will make it to his arrival, waiting to drive to the airport to pick up my soldier. The waiting is KILLING me.  Not to mention all the butterflies I've been having. You would think after doing this 4 times already I would be an old pro at it but it is always exciting to see your husband get off that plane and hug him again after being apart for so many months. Deployments always make us remember what we have and how far we have come all these years.  Guess it's a curse and a blessing all wrapped in one.

I have everything ready for his homecoming. It has been a blast making all the patriotic themed goodies for him. Spent a lot of  late nights in my craft room listening to 80's music and having time pass by quickly. I think some people thought I over did it with decorations and cakes etc, but you know what if he doesn't make it home{God forbid}I want him to know how proud we are of him and that we've missed him every single day he's been gone. So yes it's a celebration of him returning home to us. Our family is whole again. When this deployment is finally over I will do it even bigger then I just did for his R&R! Can't wait to be back in my husband's arms, even if it's only for 2 weeks. Will savor every moment with him. Sure does make you appreciate things when you know they're not always here to appreciate.

And a side note, my puppy Charlie had shots done today and blood drawn for his surgery. He was so scared. He did pretty good around the other dogs in the waiting room though. Better than expected. However when it came to draw his blood he was ready to BITE! They ended up muzzling him, he hated it. But they got the blood and he can now go get neutered. Hoping this will help calm him down a bit. Take some of that testosterone outta him. I know he's a still a puppy but the Vet said this should mellow him out. My son doesn't want him to have the surgery because he wants Charlie to become a daddy. He also wants to keep one of the puppies Charlie would have. Yeah NO that isn't happening. Surgery is being scheduled and Charlie is getting snipped! Sorry Charlie :)

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Mrs.B said...

SOON girl, SO SOON i am so happy for you guys :D enjoy every second ( i know you will :D )