July 19, 2011

Penis Welcome Home Cake

Got the following message from Facebook tonight after I posted pictures of my PENIS cake.
We’ve received one or more reports that content you posted violates Facebook policies. We have not yet taken any action. If this content threatens or harasses anyone, or contains nudity or excessive violence, please remove it immediately to avoid your account being warned, blocked, or disabled.

Guess some of  my friends flagged it{{RIDICULOUS}so posting the picture here!
Cakes By Drea click the link to see her blog and her amazing work :) she also made this adorable welcome home gift cake!!!! Very talented cake maker

1 comment:

Mrs.B said...

someone seriously flagged the picture of your Penis cake?? thats immature sorry this happened!. and im glad you put it in your blog because the cake is A.W.E.S.O.M.E