July 18, 2011

Pennant Banner Instructions

Welcome home banner step by instructions
**click on pictures to see actual size**!

What you need is just scissors, glue, construction paper, ribbon, mini hole punch, eyelets, and I used twine to attach the paper to the ribbon.
take paper and make the template of the background banner and repeat for how ever many letters your spelling out. Do the same with the white paper except make sure you make this smaller then background on. Punch holes in the ends and on the bottom and add eyelets to bond the two pieces of paper together.
I didn't use my cricut for these letters I hand cut them out but if you have a cutting machine just cut out the words your spelling and glue them to each of the banner pennants.
Lay out your banner on the floor and measure out enough ribbon to attach all your pennants. I used twine to attach them and made little bows on top.
Wallah your finished banner :) Happy Crafting ladies, let me know how you enjoyed this project.


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Mrs.B said...

i LOVE the decoraton you did an amazing job! i need a circut machine lol