July 17, 2011

CupCake Stand Instructions

*click on pictures if you would like to see actual size*
Yes, even you can make this super simple cupcake stand all within 30-45 minutes of your time. You can customized it to any theme you need it for. I did Patriotic theme here. There are endless possibilities with this project, Just let your imagination go wild! Here are step by step instructions with pictures for how to make your own themed cupcake stand! Really simple and supplies are things you might have laying around house!

I used square cake boards, only because we didn't have available the circle cake boards, scrap paper a knife to cut the cake boards, two cans of soup a large one and a small one[not pictures]sorry, and embellishments for the cans. I show craft glue in case you don't have a glue gun. And if you don't have cake boards or want to buy any just look for some thick cardboard around the house and use that.

I just used my some what square plates small, medium, and large and traced them on the cake board. Cut them out and ready to glue them. Just make sure you cut two sets of each as you will glue the two together to make a stronger stand.

Take the sets of 2's and glue them together. Let them sit a few minutes before you handle them if your not using a hot glue gun. While they are drying you can trace and cut your scrap papers.

Trace and cut the paper and glue unto cake boards, or cardboard if your using that.

Take your soup cans and cut a strip to wrap around the can. I recommend using craft glue for this as the glue gun is a little hard to work with as it dries quickly.

This is what your cans should look like after you cut and glued them. Also if your doing more then three triers just add more soup cans to this. Adjusting the sizes of cans to accommodate the levels.

Time to embellish your cans. I used stars and flags because my theme is patriotic. Just used craft glue here not the glue gun.

Now add ribbon to each set of the cake boards.I went with white. I used the glue gun here.
But you can use your craft glue also. Just make sure to let it dry.
.Here is the finished cupcake stand. Took all of about 35 mins. Now I dont have to pay for those expensive ones when I can make my own and make it match whatever themed party I'm having. Sure hope you try one. I'd love to hear what you came up with and how you enjoyed this project. Happy crafting ladies :)

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