July 16, 2011

Cake Pops and Cupcake Toppers

My latest and new obsession has become CAKE POPS && CUPCAKE TOPPERS! Now if you have not heard of these nor attempted to make them yourself you're surely missing out on something delicious. I will post instructions at the end of my blog. Please if you have not made these try it because they are super simple and a great family baking project you could do with the kids. Let your imagination run loose with these. Crumble up some cookies and use those instead of sprinkles. Add mini M&M's, mini chocolate chips or why not crumble up some Reese cups. Like I said the possibilities for cake pops are endless.  

Now cupcake toppers. They are adorable little pictures on lollipop sticks you adorn atop of the cupcake. I love doing parties especially if they are themed. Not only can you make and print off your own toppers you can search the web for free printable's. So why not print off some toppers and wrappers and add your own little special flair to that party.  Step by step instruction on how to make the cupcake toppers and cake pops below.

Have fun ladies, please let me know how you enjoyed making either of these :)


 printed off some patriotic stars, I used photo gloss paper works better then printer paper
then cut them out because my hole punch didn't work
 traced a larger circle to put behind the stars if you have the 2 1/2 inch hole punch just use that
take foam dots and add printed stars to solid paper
 take lollipop sticks and add finished toppers to them

 finished cupcake toppers


I will be making patrotic red-white-blue cake pops and will post a picture for you to see 

 everything you need to make cake pops-cake mix of your choice, frosting of your choice, candy melts or barks of white or chocolate, wax paper and of course the toppings of your choice
bake a 13x9-inch cake to make your cake pops. Do not frost the cake and allow it to cool completely before moving on. Crumble the cake into a large bowl.
Gradually add frosting, mixing it into the cake crumbs. Continue adding the frosting until you have incorporated the entire can.
Form the mixture into balls the size of your choice and place onto a wax paper-covered baking sheet.
Place white/chocolate discs inside a small bowl. Place the bowl in the microwave and melt the discs. Check the candy coating often, stirring the discs to help them melt evenly. Remove them from the microwave when they have melted and are smooth.
Place lollipop sticks about halfway into the balls. Cover the tray of cake pops and place them inside the freezer for about a half-hour so that they can firm up.
Dip a cake pop into the candy coating, covering it completely. Let the excess drip off of the end.
Roll the cake pop in the sprinkles. You can cover the entire cake pop in sprinkles, or only the top.


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