July 21, 2011

Sleepless nights

Another sleepless night. Do you sometimes have sleepless nights? Well I have been so excited the past week and half for my homecoming with my soldier that my sleep is utterly nonexistent! A sleepless night is when you cannot go to sleep when you want or have to. It's ridiculous. I feel like a walking zombie. No matter what I do during the day as soon as I lie down my mind does not shut off and I toss and turn all night. Before I know it the suns up and my once dark room is now bright and sunny. Let's throw in the fact that my daughter has once again started sleeping with me. She does this when he daddy is deployed, she has done it since 2003. I'm use to it and I know this is her way of dealing with this reunion. I also know when he leaves she will sleep with me for the rest of the summer. But what I wouldn't do for just want one night of complete sleep, deep deep sleep. The kind of sleep when you wake up you feel refreshed like you can take on anything! Maybe when my sleeping buddy is back here lying next to me I will get that must needed sleep I desperate need. If not I am going to the doctor to get something to help knock me the F*ck out. I haven't had problems sleeping like this since after I lost my daughter. Went days without sleep. It sucks. Oh well hoping the cure for this sleepiness is my soldier being home. I am hoping this is just me being nervous/excited for his return. Will let you know how my steepness nights went after he returns. Off to bake my doggy some homemade doggy treats. I didn't get to them yesterday because I spent hours blowing up 60+ balloons and by the time I realized I had to make him his doggy treats it was after 130AM. So let the baking begin. Happy Thursday, hope your day is fantastic!

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