September 17, 2012

Our 4th of July

[back dated July 5th 2005]  On the 4th my soldier had his buddy over. They were playing a new ps2 game. His buddy brought over his little boy so our son and his son were also playing the ps2. They got here about 11am and stayed till about 5:30. I stopped by and saw my girl Jennifer and her family, we were going to spend the day with them on post however we had some bad weather hit and we all weren't sure what we were going to do. we ended up going to watch Batman Begins with my hubby's buddy and his family. So we loaded up our two litte ones and followed Wil to his home to pick up his wife and newborn baby girl. Got to the movie right when it started. Grabbed some pop and popcorn for the kids and watched the movie. It was 2 hours long so we got outta there about 9:10ish. RUSHED home grabbed my camera coats and headed over to see the fireworks. Got there about 10:15 and we only had to wait about 20 mins for the show to start. I was a little upset they were not playing some good ol U.S.A music during the show, but hey our two little ones LOVED it. We attempted to go to the bbq they were having here for the soldiers and the family but nah we stopped by and said we will go get something to eat later. But I never did get my bbq yesterday*pouting*. Oh well. My soldier is here, not in Iraq and that is all that matters to me right now, especially on this day. We missed the last two 4th's together, and it just not the same with the soldiers being downrange then here on home soil for the 4th. Our eldest daughter met a new friend(Ashley) that arrived here on the 2nd. Her mom(Kimberly B) threw her a bbq to welcome her here and invited some of the girls to introduce her to Ashley.
   It seems like our daughter's have hit it off. Our eldest has spent the past two days with Ashley. And I am sure will be spending a lot more. I think that Ashley will be here 3 weeks. So our daughter spent the 4th with her new friend and then spent the night . I am sure she will be calling me soon to ask her dad and I if she can go do whatever they got planned for today-lol. That and oh can I get 20 or 30 bucks. Glad she has a new friend. The ages here for her are slim. Not to many girls her age.
   I included below some pictures of the fireworks. No biggy. I know you all have seen them before ;)
Hugs and Prayers

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