September 17, 2012

Back to the day to day routine...

[back dated July 6th 2005]Like all good things this to has to end. Yes, my soldier went back to work today. I woke at 8 and spent the morning with him while he got ready. Then he headed out the door at 8:35. I will see him for lunch, I think. Unless he stops to get his hair cut. Which he needs to. He did not cut in while on block leave. I must say that while we did not go and explore some of Germany it was nice just hanging out with him and the kids for two and half weeks. My soldier feels rested and relaxed and that is the most important thing to me. I have to admit being here in Germany is not what I had hoped. I think that is a huge pain to travel here with two toddlers. Everything requires walking and lots of it. Too much for our little ones I feel. Dragging them out all over to only have them be bored and tired of walking does not appeal to my soldier and I. I would though love to do a few things with just my soldier. A few couple things. Like a cruise on the Rhein and a weekend trip to Paris. We will see. We have another month give or take. Let's see what happens. I do know that we are going to squeeze Lego land and a few other kids spots in before we leave. Those are a for sure. We are already planning those trips in advance. Loved having you home with us sweetheart for block leave. Wish it could have been a few more weeks more.
So our daughter returned from Spain. She has a gorgeous tropical tan. I knew she would get super tan. She has always tanned nicely in the summer. She gets the deep tropical tan. Very brown. I am trying to snap a photo of her but of course she wont let me. I am waiting for her film to be returned and I will post some pictures. She had a blast. I am glad she got to go with her girlfriend and that she saw another spot in Europe.
Since she has been home she has been spending all her time with a new girl here on post. Her daughter does not live here yet. She is hoping by her being here and meeting some of the girls her daughter will want to come to Germany. It is a hard sell though. They really have nothing here for our teens. I think. Unless your child is involved in a lot of school things there is nothing outside of that. Minus sports. And even then you are not always going to play. Enough kids could not sign up and they will cancel the sport. But I am hoping that Miranda is introducing her to some of her friends and showing Ashley a good time. I know this week we are going to the movies and I think going skating too. I know they are going to hit the pool and the underground. Have fun ladies.
As you know we are leaving for Hawaii very soon. My soldier and I have been going back and forth about if we leave now and get things set up in Hawaii or wait till he leaves on 18th. We finally both agreed that we will leave on the 18th as a family. God forbid something happens that keeps us here.
I am still nervous about getting stuck here, but we will see. Hoping to get our plane tickets set up for the 18th and set up the movers. Then it will feel real, like we are leaving soon.
Okay well my girlfriend came over this morning for coffee and we chatted quite awhile. Going now to get some laundry done and make my bed. Enjoy your day.
Hugs and Prayers

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