September 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Mother and Friend...

[back dated July 7th 2005]Today we remember your birth. The day you were brought into this world. Today we honor you, more then most days. To me everyday is an honoring day. I thank you everyday for giving me birth and being my mother. You have taught me more then any educator, more then any friends, more then any books. You have instilled in me my values, my soul, my character, my outlook on life. You have always been my silent cheerleader rooting me on. You have always lifted me when I have been down, way way down at some times in my life that I could not go on. In you I know I have a real friend, someone that is always looking out for me. Today you are remembered for all you have done and will do. For as a mother your job keeps going on and on and on, it never stops. Your children grow yes, they get married yes, they become adults and take on their own lives yes, but your job inside as a mother keeps going. The worry, the excitement, the joys, the pains.
Today on your birthday be reminded that I acknowledge all you have done. I hope not a day goes by you do not know how much that you are loved and cherished. You are one of the strongest women I have ever known and will know. You have empowered me to be the same. Strong, determined, stubborn in my own ways, not afraid to fight when I need to, compassionate, the will to keep going forward when I want to go back, light at the end of the tunnel- I just have to keep reaching for it. Looking at the glass half full instead of half empty. You are my mentor, my teacher, my best friend. Thank you for being born today, for coming into this sometimes cruel world and coming out a beautiful rose. The sun that rises every morning is you mother. I see it out there shining ever so brightly sending it's warm rays down on me and think of you mother. You never go away, you may set in the evening but you always rise the next day. I can count on that!
Happy Birthday Mother. I hope this day is most special to you. Because you are the most special, mother. And even though I am here in another country you are in my thoughts and always close to my hear.
God Bless you Mother, I hope you know how special a women you truly are-
Love your daughter-

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