September 17, 2012

Coffee Time again

[back dated July 8th 2005]Had a coffee at my home this morning. My girlfriend Jennifer and I started doing these awhile back. It has been just her and I but it is starting to grow. Love having a little get together with the ladies from our group. My online group I started back in the day when our soldier's were extended downrange. Have come to make some wonderful friendships with the ladies that have joined and live here in Germany.
I made a fruit tray, homemade banana bread and blueberry bread that I add banana's and applesauce to. Bought some store bought donuts. And the some of the ladies brought over some goodies. Nicole brought a yummy yummy coffee cake from the economy(OMG) it is GONE. It is so good. It was fun. Glad we started these, will miss them when we leave. And it will not be the same in Hawaii. I will just have to invite all my neighbor's over for a few coffee get together and go from there. Jenn you better keep these going and tell me all about them when we chat. I will miss being here with you but will love hearing about all you and the ladies and what y'all are doing.
Looking forward to whoever hosts the next one, I will be there with my goodies and coffee cup-hehe
The sun is coming out now so think I will go water my plants on the patio and sit outside and read the paper and drink one last cup of coffee.
Thank you ladies Jennifer-Magi-Sandy-Jeanette and Nicole for coming this morning. Mrs. Sarah I am sorry you and the little cutie pootie couldn't make it, but I got you for the next one ok.
Everyone enjoy your weekends with your soldiers.
hugs and prayers

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