September 17, 2012

Timje to say GOODBYES...

[back dated July 9th 2005]After a long and drawn out conversation with my soldier last night we have agreed that the kids and I will leave by the 20th of July. I did not listen to my soldier the first time and was being stubborn, so this time I told him I would do whatever he thinks is best. I want to make sure we do whatever we can to get him out of deploying with this unit. And if that means we leave a month before him so be it. Come Monday we are going into Sato to book our flights for the 20th. Found out today on the internet the flights are 2 days. You have roughly 3 or 4 connections. And we found one today with a layover in Seattle for 12 hours. Mom, if we can book a flight like that one then you and dad can meet us at the airport and have dinner or breakfast with us ;)
I will blog on Monday everything I find out. We have a lot to get done before then. My soldier and I have some painting to do. He is not going to the field with the guys, he has to start clearing which will give him some time to get things done. He is setting up the movers Monday too. We are selling our car, so I have to get the flyers out this week. We want to sell it and then take the cash and just buy something soon as my soldier gets to Hawaii. That way we are not waiting two months for our car. So thought I would blog it today since now I know what is happening. No turning back now. Monday we are getting our tickets and leaving soon.
I have to get busy and get my goodbye goodie bags together for my girlfriends. We are having my girlfriend and her family over for a goodbye dinner. Going to take some pictures. It will be hard about the last three days before I leave. I know I will be spending all that time with her. Don't want to say goodbye, but have to :(
Our eldest is not to happy about starting school right when we get there. We are still going to look into private schools for her. With her intelligence we feel she needs a little more push then this school she will be attending offers. So I have been looking at a few online, and will set up appointments to take her once we get there. She is pretty happy about that, going to a private school-lol
Which reminds me, we need to call housing and find out how long the wait will be for NEW housing on post and also how the hotel works. Do we pay out of pocket and get it back or do they pay...hmmmmmm we will see I guess. I am really hoping we get the brand new housing. The ones with a yard. Once we are there I am sure we will research the areas and see if we want to live off post. But the new housing looks wonderful ;)
Have a good weekend. I am off to go downstairs into storage and start sorting. My gf is going to pick through what I am not taking and the rest is going to the thrift shop. I am also giving her all my house plants and my patio plants. Keep them growing for me girl ;)

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