September 17, 2012

Got our tickets and we are set :D

[back dated July 11th 2005]Okay we have our plane tickets for Hawaii. Got them this morning with my soldier. He took us into Sato and they booked our flights. We fly outta Germany on July 19th and arrive in Hawaii on the 19th. So nowI am going to get out the luggage and start packing all of our suitcases. Have to get backpacks loaded with goodies for the kids for the flight.
Found out last night Andrew starts Kindergarten on the 21st of July. So looks like both kids will be starting school together-woohoo.
Last night my daughter and I were looking up private schools and we both found one we liked. She has to get through admissions first, and can not start until 9th-12th. But her tests scored are very high and her GPA is 3.85 and so we feel confident she will get in. She has to take their admissions test and interview. We also need two of her teachers to recommend her, which they will. And the total cost is not too bad, after talking to my soldier we both agreed we could afford that. Also they offer monthly payments. It looks like the prefect school for her. She really needs something that is going to push her and keep her challenged.  And give her the edge for college. Which she is going to a four year ;)
Here is the link if you want to check it out also.
okay well I am off now, a thousand things and more are running through my mind right now. So much to get done with only one week till we head out.
Hugs and Prayers

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