September 17, 2012

Farewell, but NOT goodbye :(

[back dated July 17th 2005] 
Mrs Jennifer-Mrs Jameelah-Mrs Magi pregnant ahhhh!! Mrs. Pam-Mrs Rach-Mrs Sarah-Mrs Kimberly-

We had my farewell BBQ today. It was beautiful. I had a wonderful day today with all my F-R-I-E-N-D-S there with me. Mrs Jennifer, Mrs Rach, Mrs Sarah, Mrs Jameelah(and Mrs Pam for stopping by). I would not of wanted the day to go any other way then how it did. You ladies have been here for since the begining and are here with me at the end. I love each of you. You are truly special to me. I carry you with me in my heart and my spirit.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.Thank you. Thank you.
I love how just 10 months ago we all got togethers at Jennifer's house for Ally's b-day and it was all the five of us, and today we spent the day together the five of us. The group picture we took today is like that of the one back 10 months ago. I will cherish all the times we had together here in Germany and all the coffee's and dinners and always keep them in my heart. I am really going to miss you each so very much. More then you know. I feel so odd me leaving happened so fast. I had envisioned so many things for us when our soldiers were deployed. Our coffee's, bbq's, trips, girls night out, shopping in Poland with Mrs Pam, and Ikea with Magi and going with Kimberly to drive to see Iris and get some shopping in Wurzberg, Jennifer and I spending our hubbies money on movies-lmao. Ahhhh and don't forget the sleepovers we had planned, woohoo bring on the 80's movies and doing each other hair and nails....Everything we have been talking about will not happen now and I am taking it hard tonight. I have not cried yet, really cried but I am now. Today seeing you all there and having SO many laughs and fun. I will miss it and miss you.
If not for the group I started I would of never met you ladies. You are all so awesome. I think our online is group is one of the BEST out there because we are a team and we all care about one another and can say we are friends. I have always told you ladies you rock and I mean it. I love our group and I love that through that I have made family. To me your my overseas family. And leaving you now is like leaving family. Hard!!!!!!
Please stay strong and hold unto one another during deployment. Magi-Jenn-Kim keep having coffee's and drink a cup for me please. I may be in another state but I am ALWAYS here with you-ALWAYS.
Thank you for making one of my last days here in Germany so very very very special. Thank you for your gifts, the bbq, the memories the fun.
I lOvE YoU.
Hugs and Kisses

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Jen said..., all the wonderful memories just came flooding back, how awesome!!!! I love you all still to this day! We will forever have a BOND that no one can break!!!!