November 28, 2012

Dollar Store Christmas Wreath


Yep you guessed it right another DOLLAR STORE craft entry...I had a bunch of leftover ornaments I bought from the dollar store after redecorating our tree this year and didn't want them to go to waste so I came up with this! Whatcha think??? It's beautifully hanging on our back door.  And when the sun hits the glitter ornaments it's so sparkly :)

small, medium and large ornaments all for 1 buck, how can you not buy a lot of them

also I have 20 wreaths I bought at the Dollar Tree so I grabbed one of those

 the wired ribbon selection at the Dollar Tree is AMAZING so I grabbed one of these and got to work!

Just take a solid colored wired ribbon and wrap your wreath, then get your ornaments together and arrange them on the wreath BEFORE you hot glue them...I changed mine 5 times before I found a combination I liked. Hot glue your ornaments and add other little things lying around, I bought fake flowers also at the dollar tree so added 3 of them. Then take a Christmas wired ribbon and use it to hang--->Wallah you just made a dollar store wreath all for under 5 bucks!

Happy Crafting


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