February 21, 2011

Cupcake Paper Bag Mini

you just need some lunch bags about 4-10 depending  on how big you want your album
 take paper bag flap and tape it down
 should look like this
 now you have a flap like this continue doing this to all your bags
 now you take the two flaps and tape those together like this

 should now look like this with flaps in between
these will become your pockets for you photo's
 to make a chipboard cover just measure the front and cut to fit
 I just traced and cut
cut and add cover to bag
 stamped cupcakes throughout album and water colored them
 this is how it turned out
 make cute little matching tags for journaling, put these in those pockets you formed
 adding a bottle cap to this page
 tags and a word stamp to this page
 inserts for the pockets for the photo's
 the tabs to add to the inserts, just use 1 inch punch and glue together on paper
 should look something like this with tabs and inserts


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