February 21, 2011

Gift Box from Lipton Tea template

took a lipton tea box and used a template
materials need for complete box paper, cardstock, glue/tape, embellishments, scissors, and pencil
traced the lipton tea box unto 12x12 paper and made another template

followed the folds from the lipton tea box and taped sides

                                                   your box should look like this now
 I needed a little more support on the bottom of the box for all the candies so I added a cardboard base
 just traced the bottom of the box and cut
 here it is
 your box will look like this now, with base support
 adding papers, ribbon and embellishments to box
 finished candy box
all this candy went into the box
Valentine Box for my college girl :)

1 comment:

soujanya said...

looks grt!!what is the size of the box?