February 21, 2011

Paper Gift Boxes

take a sheet of paper, I used a heavier card stock 12x12 sheet but you can use any size.type paper...take that paper and fold it in half
then unfold it and fold it the other way so it looks like this
then fold each corner into the center like this
then you take each corner and fold it up past the center like this
you should now have a paper that looks sorta like a quilt
take each corner and fold them in once
use the center 4 squares as your guide and cut the sides up to the squares, you should make 4 cuts like this
take the triangle part and fold into the center like this repeat on other side
then continue to fold the other two sides!

to make a lid you do the same process however make the paper about 1 cm smaller &&  wallah you just made a PAPER BOX without using any glue or tape :)

add a piece of cardboard to the bottom to make it sturdy if adding anything heavy :)

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