August 19, 2010

To enlist or not to enlist!

Since I was 20 I've wanted to join the military. I sorta got sided tracked the past 16 years and here I am 36 getting ready to talk to a recruiter about enlisting. I have a lot of questions that still need to be answered before I sign on the dotted line. But if I get the answers I'm looking for then my journey of being a new recruit will begin sometime this year or next year. I'm still deciding if I'll wait till my husband makes it home from this deployment before I go in or get basic and everything done while he's deployed. I really need to give this some serious thought before I make a life altering decision. I know the feeling of wanting to join hasn't subsided in all these years and I don't have many more years before I won't be able to enlist. I really don't want to have a regret that I never joined. More to come about my enlistment once I meet with my recruiter and once my husband gets home from the field. Him and I have a lot of talking to do as a couple. Being dual military I can only see all the time we'll be apart and maybe all the time the family will be apart also.

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