July 30, 2011

Brownie Birthday Cake Pops

Going to try all different kinds of cake pops and my inspiration comes from the cake pop diva herself Bakerella.  If you have not visited her site you must go now and see what this cake pop craze is all about. Her cake pops will blow your mind! This was my attempt at Brownie Birthday Pops. They taste delicious. Really easy to make. You follow pretty much the exact same directions as you would to make cake pops instead use brownie mix and follow directions.

When the brownies are done cooking let them cool then crumble into bowl. Form into patty shapes and use cookie cutter to cut our circles. Melt candy melts and dip end of lollipop stick then insert into circle, put in freezer for about 10 mins and let them set up. Take out and melt remaining candy melts then dip circles into the chocolate, shake off access add sprinkles and candles and push into styrofoam holder. Then enjoy :) Happy baking!


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