July 11, 2011

Feb 25, 2009

Welcome Home Update!

Been back on the island for almost two weeks now. Back in my soldiers arms for 8 of those days && they have been FABULOUS! The only thing I'm not liking is the process of reintegration. He has to wake up at 5AM and leave by 5:30 to get to the base. We're downtown Honolulu and the base is about 35 mins away. So needless to say my baby is pretty damn tired when he gets home but he's a trooper and still goes out walking with me. We totally look like a couple of tourists, taking pictures and doing all the touristy things. I have 9 days left before I fly home and he'll remain here till March 17th. They don't get to take leave until than so I gotta fly home solo[[boo-hoo]]and wait some more for him to get there. I really hate that but that's what we get for moving home and not remaining here on the island. The flip side to this is that we're moving back here for a couple months. So my baby will take his block leave for a month and the two little ones and I will fly back to the island with him---yay! We're going to rent a beach house or stay at a resort for two months. It will be soooo nice. My teen is staying back to finish up school with finales and then will join us in June.

Things have been going great. My mother flew in to take care of the kids for me so that I could be here with my soldier. For that I am extremely grateful[[THANK-YOU so much mommy]]. It's like a honeymoon for my hubby & I. We're getting to reconnect without the kids, and it's much needed time together, ALONE. Because as soon as the kids get to see him they will want his undivided attention 110%. And since I've had him all to myself for three weeks I won't feel jealous they're getting all his time. Just like our little miss said mommy when your done with daddy I get to have him--lmao I was cracking on the phone when she said that!

Ok well back to looking at resorts to rent and making new stickers. The wait is killing me but we found out last night when we went to the military hotel I can use the gym so going to start walking over there and working out for three hours, that will kill part of the day for me while I'm waiting for my soldier ;} I get lonely walking around Waikiki by myself!

Thanks for all the comments and pic comments <3
loves && hugs

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