July 11, 2011

Mar 3, 2009


My 3 week mini vaca is coming to and end. I have to say it re-connected my soldier & in ways I can't even begin to describe. Him and I have never been alone as a couple. We've always been with child. This three weeks together alone without kids was amazing in so many ways. Deployments have brought us closer but this was indescribable. Thank you so much mom for being there with the kids so I could relax and fully enjoy the time with my husband.

The weather has not been that great with trade winds in the upper 20 to 30's but despite that we have been all over the island. I am blessed my soldier made it home to me and just wake up as ease knowing he is home. I wish this didn't have to end but the kids need me back home.

I'm so thankful to be finished with the deployment and moving forward with our lives. I hate deployments so much because my life seems to be on hold for over a year and it is time I can't get back.

We're taking on the challenge of moving us back to Hawaii all on our own dime. We moved us away during deployment on our own and now have to pay to move us back on our own. Parts of us both wish we would have just stayed put during the deployment but you can't start the should of would of could of's. So over the next four days we've got to find an apartment or hotel to stay in for two months. We have three options on the table right now:
1). Makaha Resort
2). Iroquious Point
3). Kalaelao

we will make our final choice on Friday before I fly out. Since we gave notice to our current landlords we can't be without a place to live!

My hubby flies home on the 17th and we begin the process of shipping our van, passports, the movers coming for our household goods, spring break is in the middle of this all, getting the pets vet certifcates, and cleaning and vacating the duplex we're currently renting! I think my head is going to explode with everything we got to do in the 28 days of my soldiers block leave. Then two months from this we move back to Germany[[YIKES]]so can you say busy-busy-busy!

Happy Tuesday beeyotchez, hope your week is going fabulous so far
loves and hugs <3

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