July 11, 2011

Apr 18, 2009

Hawaii[[DISATER]]but we made it!

[[YAY]]We made it to Hawaii! Only after a huge delay, due to me.

We arrived at the hotel in Spokane late into the evening on the 13th, roughly about 12:30 AM. Fell right to sleep but the alarm went off bright and early @ 4:30, so already I was knew I was sleep deprived before we even boarded the plane. Got to the airport, got checked in, boarded the plane. Did not eat anything yet. Had a quick flight from Spokane to Seattle. It only lasted 38 mins. The entire flight my daughter talked to me--non stop! We landed in Seattle and had a short wait before we boarded that plane. Got some breakfast in. Fruit cup, banana and a tall latte from Starbucks. We got our seats. Daddy and the two kids were in three seats and I was across the aisle from them. My son and I were talking and laughing and then out of nowhere I felt hot and passed out. Only to to be shaken awake from my husband. I threw up all over my hair, my shirt and my jeans while I was passed out. I was shaking and dizzy. They stopped the flight turned the plane around and the fire dept took me off the plane. I was a mess. Confused, sick, and covered in puke. Thank goodness we weren't in the air yet. We were just about to take off right before I passed out. The fire dept were great. They tried cleaning me up, despite all the throw up all over me. Gave me a tee shirt to put on and a throw up bag, just in case. I was still feeling really fuzzy and dizzy. The EMT's came and took me to the hospital. My husband and kids were so nervous. They had looks of fear on the faces. My poor husband was so worried about me. I could tell by his face. I spent a few hours in the hospital and was released. We ended up having to take a 100 dollar taxi over to my grandmother's house and stay with her till Thursday. They had no more flights going to Hawaii until then. That was fine with me because I was feeling awful.

I still do not know what was wrong. Everyone is chalking it up to nerves, stress, me having to leave my teenager behind for two months. I dunno. I guess it could be that. But I still feel weird. My head still isn't right and my stomach still feels odd. I'm going to go see a doctor here and have my head checked out. They ran an EKG and chest x-rays which they found nothing wrong. I don't have diabetes, which runs in our family history. I don't have aids or anything else like that. So maybe it was just stress. I'm hoping it was just that and not something more serious.

I know that I freaked my husband and kids out. Since my ordeal my kids ask me mom are you ok if they see me falling asleep. And my little one talks and talks and talks if she sees me trying to fall asleep. My husband was truly amazing during it all. He checked on me all through out the night to make sure I did not pass out again or throw up in my sleep. He slept on the floor to ensure I could sleep. It is nice to know if something ever did happen to me, I know I could count on him to be there for me no matter what.

We're here in Hawaii now. Made it on Thursday. Our vacation house is awesome. The weather is gorgeous.

I'm a little embarrassed that happened to me, I feel bad they had to stop the plane and take me back to the airport. But I'm blessed to have a wonderful supporting family and my health in tack, for now.

Thank you mom for driving down to come to stay with us and check on me. And also drive us to the airport. You pleasantly surprised me that you were up and adam so early in the morning. It was nice seeing you one more time before we move overseas.

Thank you grandmother for putting us up for a couple nights. And for getting the kids the little things they needed. It was nice seeing you again before our move overseas.

Loves and hugs to my family, I love you so much!!!!!!!!

===>will update this blog if I find anything out from the doctor.

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