August 9, 2011

Canvas Memory Board

What you'll need:
*Artist canvas (whatever size suits your space)
*Staple gun/Mod Podge
*Fabric of your choice (enough to cover your canvas and wrap around the back a little)
*Ribbon (enough to make six diagonal crossing lines across your canvas)
*Brads/Bottle Caps
*1 inch Punch
*Bottle Cap images

Okay, let's get started.

1. Iron fabric if necessary, lay right-side down on the floor or a table. Center canvas on fabric.

2. Wrap fabric around one edge and staple to the wood part of the frame. Pull fabric taut and repeat on opposite side. Repeat on the other two sides, folding corners nicely as you go. I did not use a stapler I just used fabric mod podge both ways work perfectly!

3. Turn canvas back over and lay ribbon diagonally across center of canvas and cut, allowing enough to wrap around to the back. Staple to wood. Repeat with two more lengths of ribbon on each side of center ribbon, spacing evenly. Again here I used mod podge and it works the same. Most of you will have a stapler but if you dont you can also use your mod podge

4. Repeat ribbon from opposite diagonal, crossing the first three ribbons.

5. Where each ribbon intersects, push a brad through to hold ribbon in place. Fasten brad on back of canvas. I used brads but I also used bottle caps and put those on top of the brads

6. You may be done at this point, allow to dry according to mod podge package directions.

7. That's it! Hang your board and enjoy your memories
Happy Crafting :)


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