August 25, 2011

Weight-loss Struggle

Scale Cry

If talk about PMS or hormones make you squeamish, you might want to skip this post :)

I take full responsibility for my actions. Food doesn't just go from hand to mouth on it's own- I find the forces of nature to be a huge struggle for me when it comes to weight loss before, during, and right after my period.

It's always 2 weeks out of the month every month I have to struggle with this. When it's two weeks before my next period I'm dealing with a strong desire to overeat. Part of me thinks "see this is what happens when you cut out delicious simple carbs! they come back and haunt you!" but I'm not and I wasn't deprived. I eat what I want and what is delicious to me.
But last week, I wanted to eat everything in site. I was bloated. I had feelings of hopelessness. I was struggling to focus on tasks. I was in the part of the cycle where it wouldn't be just a taste of anything. One donut, or one slice of pizza would not satisfy me. It would need to be all or nothing.

And this is why losing weight is a struggle for me and think why I have stalled at losing any more weight for months now. For two weeks of the month, I could care less about food meaning I don't count carb or calorie itake. I drop weight. 10 pounds is easy. And then hormone week stomps right on in. I'm retaining water. Before I know it I'm back up four pounds. And then I eat. And I'm back up another four pounds. And then I get sad and frustrated because yet again...I've lost and gained the same ten pounds---->so then I eat. A day later I'm back right where I started. And this my friends, is my struggle. UGH!

I know what I won't do before or during my monthly cycle is bake or eat trigger foods.Maybe this will help to lose this 10 pounds and than lose another 10 :) One day at a time, right?

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