October 11, 2011

New Obsession

When I first tasted a cake pop I was like oh my goodness this little tiny ball of cake on a stick is amazing I'm going home and making these right away. I became obessed with baking cake pops after that. I made them for my friends, for the kids after school snack, for birthday's, for bbq's, and just because. But my latest obsession is this site that you can pin pictures you like to boards you create from any webpage. So let's say you have a decorating additciton like myself and are on a really neat website with wonderful decorating ideas well now this site allows you to grab pictures from it and pin it to one of your boards. You categorize your interests by creating your own board. Last night I came across a coffee candle centerpiece I knew I had to make for myself.  Ran out today and bought a new vanilla candle and some hazelnut cream coffee beans and wallah easy as that. It smells so good, I wish you could scratch and sniff my photo. Alright I have left you in suspense long enough you must click this link to see what all this hype is about and I bet you too will become obsessed  MY NEW OBSESSION


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