November 8, 2011

Man My Feet Hurt

Anyone that lives on a military installation knows that when there is some big event going on you must get to there very early to guarantee you will receive whatever it is they are giving away, selling, or offering. Last night at the KMCC Mall was a midnight release of Call of Duty MW3[Modern Warfare 3]and for my wonderful readers who don'tt know what this is it's a game for the PS3 or Xbox 360. My son has been counting down the days for this to be released. We left the house early around 5 and arrived about 5:25 of course they're were a couple of kids in line with their mothers and a few teenagers but nothing too bad. This event didn't start till 8 anyway so I grabbed the kids Taco Bell and we snagged a table right next to all the action. My son didn't want to eat he rushed into line for a chance to play and win a copy of the game for free. By the time 6:00 rolled around the line was back to the PX. I knew this was going to be a long night. 9:30 and my son signals me to come up and wait with him, he is almost next to play. If you were not 17 or older you had to be accompanied by an adult to play or purchase the game. Andrew is next, his palms were sweaty and the man asks "are you his mother?" I nod my head yes and they allow is the secluded tent where MW3 is being played before it's release date. My son takes the remote palms still sweaty, wipes them on his pants and sets his load out. The young man says "you ready?" with a huge grin my sons replies "YES!"  Wave one comes and goes then wave 5 then it's wave 12 and the guys working the tent say "check this kid out" now he has an audience and I know this made him nervous, palms still sweaty and wiping them on his pants. Wave 15 comes and who let the dogs out, my son sets claymores and ended up blowing himself up. He was so disappointed, I could tell. Left the tent with his head down. But as soon as we got out of the tent at 10:05 and we saw the line was INSANE his disappointment turned into hurry mom we have to go get in line. It not only wrapped around the food court out by the PX but it went down the hall past the stairs almost hitting the Cinnabon--->OMG all this for a game, YES! 11:30 and the raffle for the 45 copies of MW3 Hardened Edition they had started. I was lucky enough to hear my name be called over the loud speaker for one of the copies. These were selling for 100.00. My sons eyes were gleaming like it was Christmas morning when I handed him our raffle ticket for his copy. We stood in line{thank goodness closer to the front}for almost 4 hours. They only had 2 registers opens. Way to go Affes for being prepared for midnight madness. And it was just that pure MADNESS! The things we do as parents to make our kids happy. If my son wasn't such a die hard gamer I would have never spent my entire night waiting on a game. But he is the happiest kid in Baumholder right now.


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