November 6, 2011

Before & After

I know most of us women DO NOT like to tell our weight but today I am sharing with you two pictures of me one at my heaviest and one of me now. I'm still on a weight-loss journey and need to shed another 15 pounds. But I am pretty damn proud of myself for continuously working out since 2007 and have not stopped. My ideal weight-loss goal is 130 pounds. Any less after I hit this goal is icing on the cake but 130 is where I want to be at. I'm still a work in progress still trying to change my eating habits[sweet tooth DISAPPEAR please]. I have made exercise a lifestyle and I enjoy working out. I just need to get on board with eating right.99% of the time. Once I've managed that I will be extremely proud of myself.  I know once I hit my goal weight I will be in the healthiest shape of my life. I have added muscles in places I didn't know I could and shrunk places I didn't know could shrink. I'm beginning cross-fit this week. Pretty excited about this but at the same very nervous. It's looks intimidating. Google if you were interested in seeing what is is all about. For me it's another way to change up my workout routine and shock my body as they say. hello 130 I'm coming for you. --->Happy Exercising!


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