February 28, 2012

The ARMY......so frustrating!

Got my treadmill today and took it on 3 mile run and 2 miles of treadmill drills. Had a great workout. Now I have my ellipitcal and treadmill at home. Getting myself a nice little at home gym put together. I am thinking when we move stateside I will be taking the extra bedroom and making it my craft room/workout room! I don't know if both my machines will fit, but I won't know that until we find out where we are going{STUPID ARMY}and I know the sizes of the houses available to us.
We found out that we can lock in Fort Campbell as our assignment if my soldier is willing to give up his dwell time, and he REFUSES to do that. We only have 2.5 years left and then he is getting out [[THANK GOODNESS]]. I will be damned if he spends 12 months of that preparing for another deployment and being deployed. So with that duty station out we are waiting to hear back if Alaska is open without giving up dwell time, if that is not then we go back to Ft. Lewis. Which is fine because I am from that area and all my family resides there.
On a side note, day 2 of Insanity...loving it. It is very much similar to a Total Body Extreme class I take at the gym. Pretty sure I will be be doing 2 rounds of this series.

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