March 13, 2012

Hanging Paper Chandelier

Got my daughter's Chandelier complete for her party, now to finish the other one! I am also making a different style and will post step by step instructions once complete, so check back ;)
here is the template so you can print it off and make your own--->Paper Chandelier
I only cut out 4 of them but the next one I make I will be cutting 6 so it looks a little fuller, just glue and put them back to back where the folds are, make sure you line them up and try to get your cuts even!
here it is glued, ready to be decorated
I used some little pink flowers and black beads. I just strung them on some pink floss and tied it to the bottom! I also added the little pink flowers to each side of chandelier!

Wallah you just made your own chandelier
Happy Crafting ;)

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