March 29, 2012

Pucker Up Cupcakes

Pucker Up...lemon cupcakes w/lemon filling *vanilla buttercream frosting--->topped with a lemon drop and yellow glitter.  *was suppose to be lemon frosting but to me there was too much lemon, so just left it vanilla* perfect!
 let cupcakes cool
 once cooled core out the middle and place tops to the side, don't put a hole all the way down into the cupcake, just enough for a dollop of filling
 add your dollop of filling and put the tops back on
 frost the outside of the cupcake but leave a hole in the middle for the white frosting
 frost the middle and top with a lemon drop or lemon head and garnish with glitter, sprinkles or whatever yellow topping you have

Happy Baking ;)


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