April 1, 2012

Candy Cupcake Toppers

 adorable cupcake toppers made to look like little candy peices
Tissue paper[can use crepe paer]
Wood Skewers cut them to 5 inches[can use toothpicks]I wanted mine longer
1 1/4 inch styrofoam balls[can use 1 inch]
Glue stick
any glue
Sewing thread
 Cut a piece of crepe paper long enough to go around the styrofoam ball and wide enough and long enough to make the cute little wrapping ends. Hold the styrofoam ball with two fingers and use the glue stick in the middle of the styrofoam ball. Remember to go all the way round.
 Place the styro ball in the middle of the crepe paper and roll the paper around the ball. Set a side and let the it dry, maybe 5-10 mins
Tie the ends with sewing thread and cut off excess thread.
If the ends are too long cut off to desired length and “fluff” the ends.
Dip a cocktail stick in the craft glue. Insert the cocktail stick in the stryrofoam ball and let the glue dry.
I will be using these on some of the cupcakes for my daughter's Candy Shoppe party!

Happy Crafting :)


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