April 11, 2012

Mini Cupcake Stands

 Mini Cupcake stands I made using a template. These will be used for my daughter's Candy Shoppe themed party next weekend. I can't wait to make her cupcakes and set them on these adorable little stands! Got this idea from http://sweetlysweet.blogspot.com/
 to make these stands go here and print off the cupcakes stand template! once you've printed it off cut it out, you will now use this to create your own little stands. Of course if you want you can always use the template as your stand just make sure you print it off on thick cardstock.
 I took the stand template and cut out four strips then scored them every 1 1/4
 then accordion fold them so they look like this
then I inked all the edges with bubblegum pink
 then from the template cut out the middle of the cupcake stand and use that as a template to cut your middles out
don't forget to ink the edges you just cut out
 use the template to cut out your toppers, I used my Cricut and made one flower 3 inches and another one 3 1/2 inches glued the 3 inch to the 3 1/2 inch using tacky glue
 put some tacky glue on top of the cupcake stands and apply them upside down on the toppers you just made
 once your glue has dried turn them over and wallah you just made your own mini cupcake stands
this is what the tops look like, I also inked the 3 inch flower with bubblegum pink ink!
I might embellish these a bit with ribbon and bling but I'm not sure yet.

Happy Crafting ;)


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