May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Actually got to sleep in this morning. No baseball game to attend nor kids to babysit. It was quite nice. Came out to get a cup coffee and see both my son and daughter in the kitchen making pancakes and scrambled eggs, for me. They screamed "Happy Mother's Day"! My son anxiously ran down the hallway and woke up daddy and Miranda. They stumbled out of bed and wished me Happy Mother's Day. We were planning a Mother's Day trip to the Dachau Concentration Camp but opted to wait. I really don't want to go without bringing the kids and we think they're still a bit too young. Instead we drove to Kaiserslatuern to the Japanese Gardens. We were going to also throw in the Dinosaur Park but after seeing the size of it we decided we'd save that for another Saturday trip. It was a quick stroll through the gardens which were gorgeous. Many people were taking pictures with their fantastic camera's. Then here's me with my little cheap Kodak attempting to snap the beauty of the park. Thankful to have a camera, just wish it was the one I want. When we were finished both Miranda and I decided once we buy homes a Japanese garden is defiantly going in. The only glitch to the day was when my husband was trying to park. The parking spots here in Germany are all for compact cars, we drive a HUGE Ford Windstar. He's ready to trade in the van for something smaller. He gets so aggravated driving in Germany with our van but I give him credit for having some patience. Had a great day with my family. Another memorable Mother's day for the books!

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