August 20, 2011

Fabric Rosette Flower Tutorial

How to make your very own fabric rosettes. WARNING-->you are going to be addicted!

*Fabric - anything you got laying around but you can also use an old t-shirt, quilt *Scissors
*glue - I used TACKY glue but fabric glue or a glue gun works also
*Optional - buttons or beds for the center

Cut or tear a strip of fabric 1" wide (tear it for a shabby look). The length of your strip will determine how large or small your flower is. 22" long for smaller flowers, 44" inches (width of fabric) for large, and about 60" for extra large. How loosely or tightly you wrap your fabric will also determine the size.

For the center of your rosette, tie a knot in one end of your strip.

Dab a little tacky glue on the knot. A little goes a long way.

Hold the knot with one hand and twist the strip with the other. As you twist, turn the knot, wrapping the fabric around it. Every 1/4 to 1/2 turn, dab a little more fabric glue to hold it together. (If you're not quite getting the twisting and turning thing, check out this video HOW TO MAKE A FABRIC ROSETTE FLOWER)

Continue twisting, turning, and gluing. Play around with how tightly or loosely you wrap to see what you like best.

Optional: embellish with buttons in the middle.

Wallah you just made a very adorable fabric go add them to a card, a mini album or heck even a shirt!

Now raise your hand if you love these! Good. Me too. Happy Crafting ;)


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