September 16, 2011

Fly Away With Me

*remember to see the full size of the photo you must click on it* ;)
 Cover it has a cute little tag you can pull out and jot down a little note or add a little picture
 this page folds out and has a place to hold more photo's
 open the page to find a place to jot down a note about your photo and a place to add more pictures
 this page has a flip out page with lots of space to journal
 while unfolding the page this says "Smile, Laugh, Love"
 wallah you just unfolded it to reveal another place for a photo and like I told you tons of journaling
 another fold out page
 open to reveal a place to journal and a place to add more photo's
 also this page has 2 pull out tags
 last but not least this page has two tags for jornaling and a place for a photo
all pages have an opening at the top for tags and photo's I included a journaling tag in each page


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