September 8, 2011

Rolled Paper Flowers

I find inspiration for projects all over the place{online, in shops, in magazines}then figure out how to re-create them on my own.These are an adaptation of something I’ve seen elsewhere.  In other words, I do not take credit for ‘inventing’ these blossoms. They were very fun and quick to make. I plan on making a Vintage Christmas wreath for my door but had to try out these flowers for a mini album I was working on. I'm addicted to these like I am to the fabric flowers. Happy Scrapping :)

Using a pencil, draw a spiral, starting from the outside and working in to the center.

Cut all the way along the spiral.

Lightly crumple the paper, to loosen the fibers of the paper, which will make the next step easier.

Begin on the outside of the spiral, and roll your flower up from the outside all the way back towards the center.

Tip:Gently crumple the paper slightly as you are rolling it into the flower to make it more pliable.

Continue rolling all the way till you’ve rolled up the entire length of the spiral. This will be uneven and messy looking, but just keep rolling.

When you have the bloom fully rolled up to the center, bend back the outside edges to open up the bloom into a rosette. This shows off the pretty patterned paper you’ve selected.

Release the bloom and let it uncurl slightly to bloom.

Once you have it in a shape that you like, flip it over and anchor it together with a glue dot.

Tip:You can adorn your bloom with distress inks, glitter sprays or glitter. I chose to give mine a quick hit of ink!

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