October 16, 2011

one room at a time

I decided the house needed a room by room makeover. So I started with our living room. Out with the old furniture and in with the new, pictures coming soon as they deliver our new set on Weds. Also for the living room I bought new shelves, a new wall clock, made a coffee candle centerpiece,  new coffee and end tables, new area rug and picking up a tree wallie from IKEA to go where I grouped the family photo's. The second room I conquered was our bedroom. New bedding, picture frames, a clock, more coffee candle holders, curtain, lamps, and a clock radio. I cut out a wallie for above our bed that I have yet to hang,but I will. The only thing missing in there the most important thing is my husband. When we get stateside we can pick up a nice dresser set. We currently have no room in there for anything but our king size bed. Good thing Germany comes with wall to wall closets. My husband doesn't know it yet but a new dining room table and chairs are soon to follow. Let's not even get started on my kitchen it will be getting a complete appliance make over. Example food processor, blender, coffee maker, espresso machine, kitchen aide mixer the list goes on and on and on and on. Next on my list will be Emily's room then Drew's room and then my craft room/office! Thank you honey for always letting me go a little crazy and redecorate while your deployed.


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