November 11, 2011

Tea Bag Card Holder

I've been racking my brain trying to design a Christmas card for the past few weeks but something more than just a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays kind of card. I stumbled on this today How to Make a Tea Bag Card. I was like oh yes this is going to be my Christmas card this year. Went back to my craft room followed the directions, very easy and wallah here it is. I LOVE this card it is going to be very versatile. I'm making both the kids teachers a card but the inside will read Your A Tearrific Teacher. Now I will spend the rest of the weekend popping out cards to get them in the mail. So be on the look out for yours. You never know what you will find inside. I hope some of you will try this. You will need a score board to make this card.
Happy Scrapping ;)


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