September 13, 2012

5 Min Fabric Flower

For this project you will need:
glue gun
 a backing{I used a bottle cap}
but you can use cardboard or cut a circle out of paper[make sure it is card stock]
your favorite decorative scissors(I used my pinking shears}
but scrapbooking scissors with different edges would work perfectly
  rotary cutter{not required}can use scissors

cut the width of flower you'd like I did 1.5 inches then cut along one edge with your decorative scissors

 it will look like this, take your thread and needle and just do a simple stitch along the other edge that you did not cut, the tighter the stitch the better your flower will look

 when you are done stitching it will look like this

 I took my glue gun and added glue to the bottle cap

 start at one end of the fabric and attach it around the glue

 hot glue on a button

 wallah you just made a 5 min fabric flower--->pretty easy huh?

Happy Crafting :)


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