September 13, 2012

Coffee Filter Wreath

 you will need a foam wreath, glue gun, glue sticks, {NATURAL}coffee filters, ink, ribbon and embellishments
separate all your filters, this will save lots of time *I added cinnamon sticks to a plastic bag and threw the filters in and tied it up tight and put it out in the sun to bake in the cinnamon smell OMG the filters smell so good and your wreath will smell wonderful
 take a filter and fold in half
 then in half again
 then in half again

cut the tips off
now roll your filter to look like a flower ink the top edges hot glue the end * you do not have to ink them, I did to give it more dimension because it will look gorgeous without inking
now get that radio out and a cup of coffee because girlfriend your going to be here awhile :) start on the outside edge, YES your reading this right the outside edge
because you see if you work from the outside in you do not have to glue anything to the inside

 when you are finished gluing all your filters fluff them up a bit

 add some Fall embellishments, I laid them on the wreath to see how I liked it before I glued them down
 all glued and ready to be hung
 add wire ribbon so you can manipulate the ribbon to how you like it and hang on a door, and did I mention this wreath smells so good!

here it is hanging on my front door

 close up--->big and gorgeous

 can you believe these are coffee filters
Happy Crafting :)

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